Black And White
The lack of color can make a dramatic difference to the same color image. Sometimes beauty is only revealed on Black and White Photography.

Hasn´t flying been a dream of almost all of us? I love watching birds, beautiful in their colors and shapes and free when spreading their wings.

Our mother earth – without her we wouldn´t be here and if she dies, we die too. We are intrinsically tied to eathother. Treat her with Respect.

Colors And Forms
Sometimes beauty lies in the the tiny detail, the composition of the image, the attention that it draws from its viewer. Photography is Art!

Other Life
From tiny insects like firebugs to large crocodiles – all animals not belonging to mammals nor to birds, are found in here!

These photos all have something in common: they contain a trace of us – humanity. Be it a house or a human himself, find the anthropogenic influence.

They all breath air the same way we do – with lungs. They give milk just like we do and they seek companionship and shelter just like we do.  

Bull Sharks
Despite their notorious image of being maneaters, Bull Sharks are graceful, intelligent and perfectly adapted predators, well aware of their surroundings.

“From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.” Jaqves Yves Costeau

Reef Sharks
Reef Sharks contain a large number of different species, with all of them being united in their ability of having perfected the hunt at or around coral reefs.